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The mission of Take Stock in Children of Broward County is to break the cycle of poverty for low-income, academically qualified students by providing opportunities for a post-secondary education. 

Take Stock in Children was founded in the early 1990s to combat a troubling and persistent dropout rate that plagued the public school system. Low-income and minority children face insurmountable obstacles that make finishing high school difficult and going to college almost impossible. Right now, almost 60% of Florida children are living in poverty and the numbers are increasing every year. Often times these children are overlooked and underserved. Most of these students face a bleak future as they do not have the resources offered to their peers from higher socioeconomic levels to complete their education.



Of Broward County's low-income, at-risk student population, only 52% graduate from high school (FLDOE,
2017), and only 49% of these students are expected to enroll in college within the first year of high school
graduation (National Center for Education Statistics, March 2015). In addition, according to the US Census
Bureau, unemployment rates are higher among those without a high school diploma and contribute to
Broward County’s 12.9% rate of youth not in school and not working (



To reconcile these startlingly low college enrollment rates and high unemployment rates for low-income, a-risk students, Take Stock in Children (TSIC) of Broward aspires to add post-secondary

enrollment/success and career readiness into their trajectories through a long-term and comprehensive program model. We believe in the principle that given extensive support, motivation and accountability through mentoring, children will work hard to ensure that they graduate from high school and attain a post-secondary degree

(Close & Solberg, 2008; Perkins & Borden, 2003; Rhodes, 2002; Weigler, 2011).


Every youth, regardless of socio-economic background deserves a chance to pursue a post-secondary education.

Our Mission

Join us in 25 years of changing lives!

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