Overcoming Barriers to College Enrollment: A Primer for Mentors

Aspiring to attain a college degree has become a nearly universal goal among high schools students. Estimates indicate that 
between 75-80% of all middle and high school students want to earn a college degree and, while this is laudable, the most recent 
figures indicate that just 66% of HS graduates actually go on to enroll in post-secondary education. If there exists a 10-15% gap in the number of students who want to want to go to college compared to the number of students who actually do go on to college, as a caring mentor you may be asking yourself “What is preventing these students from chasing their dreams, and what can I do to help my mentees understand that any barriers they see to college can be overcome?”
Watch this video to see how you can help your metee change their outlook on attending college. 


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