Take Stock in Children offers college readiness services to prepare scholars for success in post-secondary education. Our staff member “ College Enrollment and Retention Advocate” (CERA) has created college readiness curricula pertaining to each grade level. Yearly checklists guide scholars in preparing for graduation and enrollment in a post-secondary institution. Take Stock in Children also offers college readiness workshops throughout the year for parents and scholars. Check out our upcoming workshops and events here.

Online resources available on the TSiC State Office website:


For All High School Students

Tutoring Resources

Getting Your Service Hours! 


For Seniors in High School (12th Grade)

TSIC Senior Checklist

Class of 2016 Florida Bright Futures Requirements

2015 State University System Admissions Matrix

2016-2017 SAT and ACT Testing Dates


For Juniors in High School (11th Grade)

TSIC Junior Checklist

Class of 2017 Florida Bright Futures Requirements

2016-2017 SAT and ACT Testing Dates

Redesigned SAT Specifications


For Sophomores in High School (10th Grade)

TSIC Sophomore Checklist

Class of 2018 Florida Bright Futures Requirements


For Freshmen in High School (9th Grade)

TSIC Freshman Checklist

Class of 2019 Florida Bright Futures Requirements


For 8th Graders

TSIC 8th Checklist


For 7th Graders

TSIC 7th Checklist


For 6th Graders

TSIC 6th Checklist


Additional Resources

Scholarship Websites

Pocket Guide to Choosing a College 

SAT Practice

ACT Practice




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